Growing and expanding opportunities to provide 21st Century skills and knowledge in areas associated with Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle operations on MAUI.

The Maui Robotic Vehicle Association is a non-profit entity created to provide a central place for various schools and other non-profit / profit entities to come together to share common interests in autonomous vehicles and robotics technologies. This is one of the fastest-growing areas for future jobs and good incomes.

The goal of the MRVA is to grow and expand the opportunities of the community workforce and students to provide 21st Century skills and knowledge and create good local and state-wide jobs in areas associated with Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle operations.


Schools & the Community

Working with schools and the community to provide leadership and some funding for qualifying AVT Research and testing programs.

Funding & Resources

Reaching out to secure local, state and federal funding as well as industry sources for grants and financial assistance to grow the program.

2021-2022 PROGRAMS

The initial project of the MRVA is to support the University of Hawaii Autonomous Vehicle Technology initiative. This multi-campus project with the University of Hawaii is focused on scaled (1/10 to 1/4 scale, up to including go-kart sized vehicles) autonomous vehicles being entered in national/international competitions. Students from UH-Maui College and UH-Manoa are initially participating in evGrandPrix and Indy Autonomous Challenge. Further full-sized vehicles are in the future realm of this program.

University of Hawaii ART team participation in the Purdue evGrandPrix

University of Hawaii ART team participation in the Indy Autonomous Challenge

UHMC Engineering Tech class in Autonomous Vehicle Tech including participation in the F1tenth challenge

UH-Manoa Robotics Lab research in LIDAR detection methods and fast moving vehicles

St. Anthony High School robotics team and competitions. Other Maui High schools to follow.


CES , Race Day Recap!

Once again, #history was made by the teams at this year's #ces2022. Although we did not get the chance to compete on race day, we made huge advancements thanks to UC San Diego, Triton AI UC San Diego, and some help from our #Berkeley friends! We can't wait for the next race, where we expect to make some heads turn and go even faster!

us out here!

Did You miss the Vegas Race?

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® and Energy Systems Network, the organizer of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, made history again and hosted a head-to-head, high-speed autonomous racecar passing competition at CES® 2022 this year!
Watch the recording


Shoutout to Triton AI UC San Diego from UC San Diego for getting 3rd place at the #EvGrandprix this weekend! They have been hard at work collaborating with the AI Racing Tech team, with support from our friends over at linedanceAI

#IAC2021 #TopKartUSA ADLINK Technology #AutonomousVehicles Indy Autonomous Challenge #ROScub

Meet The UH AI Racing Tech Team!

Cutting-edge vehicles, speed, and competition are nothing new at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But on October 23, 2021, the home of the Indy 500 will experience a first: Fast cars without drivers.

Check it out here:



  1. To VectorAero LLC for resources, leadership and initial and continuing funding to help make the program a success.

  2. Special thanks to the County of Maui and to the Maui County Parks Department for their support in providing testing access to the Maui County go-kart track and other MC Park facilities.

  3. To the University of Hawaii and to the local High Schools (including especially St. Anthony School) for their interest and participation.

  4. To the Maui MEDB for their support of the Maui College Stem and TECH programs and local grade-high schools STEM programs.

  5. And the many others that have contributed to and are working to make Maui a more "techy" place and this program a success.

How can you help? If you or your organization find these efforts exciting and want to participate to please fill in the info on the Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you.